NARS reaction

Hello the internet. It has been a while since my last post. But here I am again ready to give you regular beauty bests and blows.

This week an issue has to be addressed, and I suppose this is a good way to kick start my blogging career because it is an issue I feel strongly about within the beauty industry. From the title, you probably guessed it, that’s right – it’s animal testing.

Now, I have been cruelty free for a year. And let me start off by saying I still get as much enjoyment out of using makeup as I did a year ago without using products that test on animals. Kat Von Dee stated accurately in her Instagram reaction post – find that here – that it is a CHOICE for a brand to sell their produce in China, which by law requires cosmetics to be tested on animals. I really enjoy NARS makeup, and I would even go as far to say that their ‘Sheer Glow’ foundation trumps any other for me.

That is why I was so utterly disappointed and heartbroken when I saw they have decided to revert their status as a cruelty-free brand. Their excuse? They want to share a ‘vision of beauty and artistry’ to other parts of the world, this meaning China. I find this appalling to be used as any form of excuse – after years of not selling to China, why now? Why is this necessary? For profit, and profit alone. In short, NARS are choosing to inflict pain and suffering on innocent creatures in order to boost their bank accounts. I am utterly disgusted with the brand, and will no longer be recommending their products to anybody, nor will I be repurchasing anything from their brand – not even ‘Sheer Glow’.

Because the facts are in front of your greedy little eyes, NARS. There are so many brands that are just as good as you – Hourglass, BECCA, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Charlotte Tilbury, Too Faced… and that is only to name a few. Do you honestly think that we will continue to buy your product when brands such as these, on the same level, are cruelty-free and against the unnecessary suffering of animals?

Friends, we must take a stand against those who continue to exploit innocent lives for their own financial gains, we must fight for what we believe in. The greed on our planet is not limited to the beauty world, but we can make a difference where we can and speak  out when instances such as these occur. Send emails of complaint, comment on NARS’ ‘explanatory’ post displaying your outrage, spread the word. This is wrong, and it must end.

Look out for the symbols above to certify your makeup is cruelty free.





One thought on “NARS reaction

  1. This is such a good post! And you’re so passionate it’s great, I want to convert to cruelty free makeup soon so this is so informative! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out back xx


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